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Absolutely. Sodexo Campus Services has a wide range of resources to accommodate special dietary needs. We also have a Registered Dietitian on campus to assist students with meal planning and special dietary issues. Please stop by the Dining Hall or email.

All students that live in the Residence Halls are required to be on a meal plan. There are 3 meal plans to choose from. Our current plan options may be viewed on the Meal Plans page.

These funds may be used to make purchases at the Student Center. Points can also be used to purchase meals for family & friends at the Campus Center Dining Hall. Points are carried over from the fall to spring semester; however, unused points are forfeited at the end of the spring semester. All of the above meal plans and points are nontransferable and nonrefundable.

The dining hall is open seven days a week during the academic year. There are 19 meal periods during each week: Weekday: 3 meal periods (breakfast, lunch and dinner) x 5 days = 15 Weekend: 2 meal periods (brunch and dinner) x 2 days = 4 Total: Weekdays (15) + Weekends (4) = 19

It depends on your eating habits. Choosing the 19 weekly meal plan is the most cost effective because it offers access to the dining hall for every primary meal time. The block plans have less meals per week on average (120 meals divided by 15 weeks per semester = about 8 meals per week); yet, allow for flexibility with more points.

If there is an official closing of the Dining Hall for any reason, the college will offer an alternate meal site.

You can change your plan during the first week of classes. The changes can be made at the College Association Office in Kunsela Hall, room A217.

It’s better to add points than pay with cash. Amounts over $100 receive a 2% enhancement. Stop in the Food Service Office in the Campus Center to discuss options available. Also, by using points as part of the meal plan, purchases are exempt from sales tax.

Your campus identification card serves as your dining services access card. The magnetic strip on the back of the ID contains information about your food service account. Your card is swiped every time you enter the dining hall. Your ID card is required to enter the dining hall; remember to bring it with you.

If you are ill and have to miss a meal, a special “sick tray” can be arranged with authorization from Health Center or Residence Hall staff. Box meals are provided for class conflicts. At the beginning of the semester, bring your class schedule to the food service office to make arrangements.

More information is available in the student handbook. However, please don’t hesitate to visit the Food Service Office, Campus Center, 1st Floor or call (315) 792-7224, or email. You can also contact the College Association Office, Kunsela Hall, A217 at (315) 792-7341 or Office email.