Eating Healthy

Providing you with healthy options is something your dining team proudly does every day. We help you select delicious, nutritious and satisfying meals, snacks and desserts by highlighting well-balanced menu choices and providing nutritional information and tips to help you make choices that fit your needs.

Food Allergies

We take pride in serving you wholesome ingredients, preparing recipes accurately and providing nutritional analysis and ingredient statements through our online menus and nutrition calculator. From our general manager to our front line servers, we work carefully to address food allergies, celiac diets, or other special dietary needs. 

We want to meet one-on-one with anyone who has individual dining needs to ensure that your dining experience is safe, delicious, and social. If you have a food allergy/special diet concern, please call or send us a note using the feedback form.

Student Article

Stress Survival: Going the Extra Mile By: Katlynn Ferreira, Sodexo Dietetic Intern – September 2017
Imagine riding a bike along an undulating trail. You see uphill trail ahead, embrace for it, adjust gears and pedal with extra effort. You conquer the incline and can enjoy the effortlessness going downhill. The outcome is rewarding and builds endurance and strength. 

However, imagine there is no downhill and you must continue pedaling at high intensity for a prolonged period. It’s painful, increases tiredness and can lead to injury. 

When stress becomes chronic, it really does a number on you like a never-ending uphill bike ride. It can reduce your performance, ability to focus and recall memory, alters emotions and creativity, increases agitation, causes difficulty sleeping, disrupts hormones and impacts your heart health. You may be more inclined to adopt certain behaviors to soothe your anxiety such as sleeping too much or too little, drink caffeine or alcohol, or maybe withdraw from social events. More often than not, such actions worsen stress. 

Listen to Dr. Vivek H. Murthy, U.S. Surgeon General discuss risk factors, therapeutics and thoughts on increased stress in America. 

Go the extra MILES to overcome anxiety

M: Meditation and mindfulness help you to clear thoughts, become grounded and be more present in the moment. There are many benefits to relaxation; find what works for you.

I: Interact with family and friends, face-to-face. Social media’s perfect images can set unrealistic standards, so limit your time scrolling through news feeds.

L: Listen to podcasts or music while walking to class, riding the bus, or while working on assignments. Better yet, find a peaceful outdoor spot to do nothing but listen.

E: Exercise of any kind can boost mood and improve oxygen and blood flow to the brain. Got 20 minutes before class? Put on a favorite song and dance it out.

S: Sleep, especially as a student, is just as important to pencil into your agenda as studying for exams. You couldn’t use your phone, tablet, or laptop without charging it, the same goes for your brain to keep you fully-charged.

Mindful mindful-icon-35x32.png

Mindful is Sodexo's health & wellness approach that helps you make healthy choices second nature! We are committed to creating healthy environments for our customers. Central to this effort is providing healthy, nutritious foods. The result of this initiative is an approach that focuses on transparency of ingredients, delicious food, satisfying portions and clarity in message so that you can make Mindful choices!

Mindful offerings meet stringent nutritional criteria based on the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Each meal part is limited in calories, has fewer than 30% of calories as fat, fewer than 10 % of calories as saturated fat, and is restricted in sodium, and cholesterol. Look for the Mindful icon to indulge in the healthy and delicious items offered at each meal.

GlutenFree-35x35.pngA variety of gluten-free items across campus and can accommodate customers with foods that are free from gluten-containing ingredients and protected against cross-contact with gluten.

Vegetarian-35x35.pngMenu items with the vegetarian icon contain no meat, fish or poultry, or any meat products such as soup base. Our vegetarian offerings meet the needs of lacto-ovo vegetarians and may include eggs and/or dairy products.

Vegan-35x35.pngVegan offerings contain no meat, fish, eggs, milk or other animal-derived products such as honey.